Eat & Drink

8:30 am – 11:30 am

Artesana Luxury Villa®️ offers an amazing expanded and varied continental breakfast available in your private luxury suite, balcony, or in our exclusive dining area.

We hand pick only the absolute finest suppliers in the San Miguel area. The highlight at our breakfast is our hand roasted, in-situ burr ground, small batch blended coffee from the highlands of the Sierra Madre mountains in Nayarit created in our TechniVorm MochaMaster brewer. It’s simply one of the best coffees around. We also offer exotic teas, vine ripened fruits, freshly squeezed juices, poached eggs, select cheeses and charcuterie, local mesquite honey, plus artisan patisseries and viennoiseries from the finest bakeries in town. Absolutely nothing is left to chance to start your amazing day in San Miguel!

Mescal Bar (closes 10 pm)

Artesana Luxury Villa®️ also offers a unique mezcal bar for our guests. Oaxaca is not only part of the ancestry of our owner’s great grandmother Natalia, but it is also the origin of mescal, one of the oldest pre-columbian distilled drinks in the Americas. Having studied the art of mescal distillation, from ancestral methods to the modern methods of mass production at various palenques deep in the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico, Artesana offers an excellent selection of unique mescals based on this deep knowledge. After a long day out on the town, you can arrive at home and serve an exotic Tobala or start with a nice Espadin. If you happen to bump into our owner getting one late in the evening, be prepared for a chat about magical mescal!

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